What is EFIU?

What is EFIU?

Electronic Fuel Injection systems are some of the most complex components in the modern automobile. They are also some of the most rewarding to the driver if tuned correctly. This is why professional engine calibrators are in such high demand in today’s world of go-fast vehicles. But how can a customer be sure that his local tuner is qualified to handle his ride? Just when you thought all tuner shops were the same, EFI University’s courses and certifications have become the World Standard to distinguish professionals in the field of electronic fuel injection calibration.

EFI University is the first and only school of its kind, designed specifically to teach the principles and skills required to successfully navigate your way through the high tech world of performance electronic fuel injection!.

At EFI University, you can learn the basics of what makes up a modern EFI system, what “tuning” or calibrating is, and all of the related theoretical and mechanical principles that are involved in using high performance, aftermarket EFI systems. Using a variety of teaching techniques and professional tuning tools, you will learn what it takes to become Certified in this specialized field.

Ben Strader is the founder of EFI University and is a professional EFI system builder and calibrator with a passion for sharing his knowledge with others. After years of traveling and calibrating systems all over the world, Ben realized that there is still a large void of efi_101_small_10information in the performance industry about thehow’s”, but more importantly the “why’s” of EFI operation. It was this realization that caused him to search for available trustworthy information that he could share with others. After many hours of disappointing and frustrating investigation, Ben realized that there was only one good way to get the information out there!

Thus, EFI University was created.
It is no secret that the performance racing industry is filled with inaccurate, untrue or “confidential” information and nobody wants to “give you the answers to the test”. Now there is a place where anyone can find the knowledge they seek. Best of all, students are guaranteed to receive the most accurate and up to date training available anywhere in the world.


In the aftermarket industry, there are magazine articles, web pages, a few books, Internet chat rooms, and advice from other racers, but all of these sources are limited in their reliability and often require a massive time investment to glean what most would consider a moderate amount of good, solid information. Most are more concerned with advertising and profits than educating those in the field. EFI University is out to change that

Our proven track record and our satisfied students speak for themselves. Now you can learn from race winning industry experts and take comfort in the fact that our instructors have put their knowledge to practical use are willing to share that knowledge by training you. Be the next Certified High Performance Engine Tuner that will bring your business and reputation to the next level. EFI University will get you there and it all starts today!