OEM Re-Flash Tuning Class “RTC”

This 2-day class is designed to teach engine tuning and calibration for late-model GM V8 engines in the LS family using a factory ECU and aftermarket software tuning packages.

Once modifications to the engine and drivetrain have been made, the factory ECU lacks the ability to compensate and must be reprogrammed or “re-flashed” with updated calibrations in order to function properly.


We will focus on using both EFILive and HP Tuners brands of software and will compare the features and benefits of each.



The class will consist of two days of instruction blended between classroom and dyno demonstrations to cover all the aspects of tuning from opening the box to printing the dyno sheet at the end.


The course will start at the beginning with installing and registering the software packages, setting up parameters to monitor and log, capturing data, modifying and saving files and then re-flashing the new files to an ECU.


Topics covered will include:

  • Scanning, data-logging and capturing data from a vehicle,
  • Re-scaling calibrations for new injectors,
  • VE based tuning,
  • Spark table operations & tuning and methods for dyno versus road tuning. 


The curriculum will also lightly touch on basic engine tuning principals with respect to choosing fuel mixtures and spark timing, however it is assumed the student already has some prior knowledge of engine tuning fundamentals before attending.

This class is held at our main campus in Arizona which gives students access to train on the school’s 2016 Chevy SS (Holden Monaro) with a Pro-charged LS3 V8 and 6-speed manual transmission that produces over 700 Horsepower at the wheels!


The instructor will lead students through the entire process required to modify and tune the calibration on the car and show comparisons to the stock configuration where applicable.

Upon completion of this course a student should be expected to confidently calibrate GM vehicles using either the HP Tuners or EFILive software platforms.

efilive_flashscan_logo_t Limit of 10 Students Per Class

Tuition: $995.00USD

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