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We will soon announce the dates for our USA Training Seminars for 2017. These courses are presented by EFI University and hosted by EFI University’s head instructors Ben Strader and Seth Francis. Haltech Training Seminars are ideal for Haltech dealers, tuners and anyone interested in learning how to get the most out of Haltech’s new Elite Series ECUs.

Introduction to tuning Haltech Elite Series EFI systems (2 Day Seminar)

This seminar covers the concepts involved in setting up and tuning a performance EFI system using a Haltech Elite Series ECU. It is packed with useful information and tips from seasoned EFI professionals and will uncover many of the myths surrounding EFI tuning. This seminar introduces attendees to the world of the Haltech Elite ECU and its operating environment, it is aimed at performance enthusiasts and workshop owners who want to learn how to tune a Haltech Elite ECU.

This course concentrates on the big picture tuning procedures like setting up the ESP software, getting the engine running from scratch and tuning the fuel and ignition maps safely. The format is very open with plenty of time for question and answer.

Topics covered:

  • Haltech Elite ECU operating environment
  • Introducing the new Elite 750 ECU
  • How to get any Elite ECU running in 5 steps
  • What to do when the 5 steps don’t work
  • Setting up advanced functions
  • Understanding air fuel ratio and tuning
  • Understanding ignition timing and tuning
  • Using ESP to create wiring diagrams
  • Tuner-less tuning, the ECU self tuning revolution
  • Mapping engines in 4D
  • Knock control (Elite 1500/2500)
  • Customized tuning in infinite dimensions
  • Stepping outside the engine – using the ECU to control anything

The Elite ECU opens up the world of limitless tuning. This seminar will explore how to push the envelope of what is possible in the realm of engine tuning. Students will leave with the knowledge required to do almost anything they can think of in relation to race car vehicle management and powertrain control using a Haltech Elite series ECU.

Students will leave with a thorough knowledge of how an EFI system works and the process of how to tune a high performance EFI system.


What you need to bring:

To get the most out of the seminar we highly recommend you bring your own laptop with Windows XP (SP3) or later with the latest ESP software already installed. Download the ESP software here.
Lunch (Sat), beverages and light snacks will be provided.
For more information contact christopher.law@haltech.com

Spaces are limited so reserve your spot early.

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