Engine Tuning Workshop “ETW”

High Performance Engine Tuning Using Electronic Fuel Injection

While online and E-Learning platforms have certainly come a long way in the past decade, there are still a lot of people who simply learn better in a live setting.

Imagine getting the chance to spend two days with an industry leading expert who is willing to share their knowledge and experience with anyone who is hungry to learn…

Our Engine Tuning Workshop is exactly that!

ETW – Engine Tuning Workshop from Ben Strader on Vimeo.

15 years ago our Founder, Ben Strader, had a vision to create a fun and interactive learning experience where he could help enthusiasts and professionals alike benefit from his experience in motorsports that spans nearly two decades of professional engine tuning and development in circuit racing, motorcycle racing, offshore powerboats, Baja 1000 off-road, drag race and circle track tuning and even aviation racing for the famous Reno Air Races!

Engine Tuning Workshop is a 2-day class giving an overview of the functions and theory involved in controlling an engine using EFI for racing known as “tuning“. 

In-depth discussions about each sensor and actuator used, and how they work are held throughout the session with emphasis on interaction between students and instructors to ensure that everyone understands each concept before moving to the next.

While the class progresses through the materials the instructor will be able to give real world examples from actual Drag Racing, Road Racing and other venues to relate the concepts to proven tactics used in competition!

Once the entire EFI system and its components have been discussed, the class moves into discussions on the concepts of how the engine operates and the methods used to actually tune the calibration.  Examples of how a cam selection will affect the tuning strategy and what to do about it, or why tuning a supercharged engine requires different techniques than a Turbo or N/A engine are common during the course.  

Specific attention is paid to understanding the correct tuning process from beginning to end.

After a brief discussion on construction practices used in building a custom EFI system which includes tuning tips and fuel system sizing to match the engine requirements, a demonstration of tuning will be provided by the instructor to really bring home the concepts discussed in the classroom environment.

When our instructors aren’t traveling the country helping teach the next generation of race engine tuners, they’re doing R&D and Engine Development work to continue growing our curriculums.

Our instructors have worked for the highest level racing teams and still today, they actively consult with Top NHRA Pro Stock, Pro Mod and Nascar Engine shops to continuously refine our skills and experience specifically so that we can share that knowledge through our training programs.  We literally LEARN so that we can TEACH more effectively!

Each year, our classes get better and better as we learn together about new technologies and emerging science that were previously unknown to the racing community.

When you attend one of our live workshops, it’s not simply listening to a lecture based on text-book curriculums, but a wild ride through story after story as we relate the EFI Tuning theories you want to learn to real-world experience in the field!

If you’re still not convinced that this class has all you need for successful EFI tuning, then check out  how everything to be discussed is shown in this outline.

When you take our Engine Tuning Workshop you will learn the answers to these important questions…

  • How can I tell exactly how much Ignition Advance my engine wants?
  • How can I tune ANY type of engine to its maximum potential without the fear of damaging it, even if I have no experience with that particular combination?
  • Why do Some engines want Rich A/F ratios and others want Lean ones?
  • How can I tell if my engine has the proper A/F ratio?
  • What is the right procedure for tuning my engine from scratch….Ignition first, then fuel, or Fuel first, then Ignition?
  • How do Air and Coolant temperatures affect my tuning strategy?
  • … and so much more

Who Should Attend?

Anyone with a passion for finding horsepower will love these Engine Tuning Workshops, regardless of whether they are a seasoned professional or just learning to tune engines.

Whether you’re just starting with EFI, an experienced (but self-taught) tuner, a young tuner looking to attract higher profile clientele, or a racer who wants to take control of your engine tuning program, this  interactive seminar is exactly what you need to get to the next level!

This workshop covers all the necessary fundamentals required to get started, but also includes hours upon hours of uncovering industry secrets and taking the “magic” and “mystery” out of EFI Tuning.

What Do I Need To Bring?

You only need to bring is yourself!

EFI University will supply you with a workbook, notebook, calculator, and pencil. Free lunch will also be included on the first day!

What You’ll Get.

  • The ETW Course Workbook – Almost 100 pages of reliable EFI Tuning information that you can reference later.
  • ETW Certificate of Completion – Signed and ready to frame.
  • Exclusive Access to the Student Forums – Access to professional advice on any technical EFI issues.
  • Cheat Sheet  Most commonly used formulas used to tune an EFI system.

Registration Information
Early Registration Discounts Available. This Class is held Nationwide so check the schedule for an ETW class near you.

Limit of 20 Students Per Class

Tuition: $595.00USD

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