EFI University’s OEM Reflash Tuning Course

EFI University’s OEM Reflash Tuning Course

Using both hands-on dynamometer training and in-depth classroom discussions, EFI University has become a leader in educating automotive professionals and enthusiasts in the craft of EFI tuning, turbocharger sizing and theory, competition engine building, motorsports wiring, and dyno operation. The school has set out to protect the performance aftermarket industry and separate their students from the increasing trend of “professionals” who received their training from internet forums and YouTube videos, where easily separating fact from opinion is next to impossible.

EFI-U recently announced their 2017 class schedule along with several new courses, but we felt it was important to take a closer look at the school’s new OEM Reflash Tuning course (RTC) specifically. The class is based out of their headquarters in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, and is dedicated to the late-model GM LS-based platform still running the factory equipped ECU.

When installing aftermarket parts to the engine and drivetrain of your project car, the factory tune will be unable to compensate for the change in operating conditions and will need to be recalibrated to bring your engine back into equilibrium with your aftermarket parts for the ultimate performance and drivability experience. The simplest way to do this is by using OEM ECU reflash software.

The RTC course spans over a period of two days and features a combination of both classroom and dyno time, using the school’s Mainline DynoLog ProHub chassis dyno. By the end of the course, each student will be confident their ability to tune late-model LS engines using the factory equipped ECU and aftermarket tuning software. Which is perfect for someone looking to add basic bolt-ons or light boost and wants the vehicle to perform at its best without worrying about the added complexity of swapping to and setting up a standalone ECU.

It is expected that the student already has at least a basic understanding of the principles of engine tuning before attending this course or they may fall behind. If you’re uncomfortable with the fundamentals of EFI tuning, it is recommended you start with the school’s brick and mortar EFI 101 class or online-based Intro to EFI course.

The RTC course utilizes the two most popular reflash-based tuning programs, EFILive and HP Tuners, and covers topics such as flashing, scanning, data logging, rescaling sensor and injector calibrations, VE based tuning, ignition table adjustments and even compares the pros and cons of dyno tuning versus road tuning.

Example of the software that will be used in the RTC course. HP Tuners (left) and EFILive (right).

Students will experiment with the school’s 700 wheel horsepower LS3 powered 2016 Chevy SS fitted with a ProCharger kit.

Each class is limited to just 10 students and spots are filling up fast. To see the full list of classes for the first half of 2017 or to find an OEM Reflash course that fits into your schedule, check out the EFI University class schedule on their site.