Delta Lambda Fraternity

Delta Lambda Fraternity

  • Have you ever wondered about how a part or procedure would affect a racing engine and wished there was a place you could go to wade through all the internet trash to get real answers?
  • Have you ever wished you had the ability to test in a controlled environment but lack the time and resources or equipment and facility to experiment?
  • Do you find yourself wishing more people understood how your curiosity drives you and just wanted to discuss racing engines 24/7?

If this is YOU…then Welcome to The Brotherhood!


The Delta Lambda Fraternity was conceived out of a lack of common access to information and equipment and from the idea that together, we can improve the entire community through the research and sharing of ideas.

EFI University has long been the motorsport Industry’s go-to source for reliable, proven information because of our ability to use our testing facility and resources to find answers to common questions experienced by tuners and engine builders.

We use our Engine Dyno, Hub and Roller Dyno’s and our Spintron, Flowbench and digital microscope camera to investigate all manner of interesting challenges and then share what we learn in our curriculums, social media platforms and other outlets.

Unfortunately, not everyone who has interest in learning has the ability to travel to EFI University’s facility to gain access to this knowledge, and even those who do often lament that they just can’t “take it all in” during their short stay and wished there was a way for them to stay longer and continue having access to what we can offer.

So a collaborative, community guided, long term access “experience” was created, and the Delta Lambda Fraternity was born!

Now, members of the Fraternity get lessons presented by EFI University and other industry leaders plus live, remote live discussions about the topics so they have time to process the information and discuss their questions and thoughts about the material with the instructors and community members.

Click HERE for some examples of training videos.

Members will have complete access to the library of previous topics, and all the interactions and discussions via our private, members-only Facebook group.

Members will also get exclusive, real-time access to special projects testing that occasionally takes place at our facility to gain insight on the latest technology as it is being developed!

When we are building, testing or tuning engines, we will provide links to a live-feed for members only so they can tune in a watch the excitement as it happens!

*These sessions will also be archived as part of the library to watch over and over again as long as you are a member!


If you’ve ever wished you could be a part of real, industry leading research and development projects and get to learn consistently from industry experts…this is it!

When you join the Fraternity you get an all-access, behind-the-scenes pass to one of coolest motorsports training experiences on the planet and all without the hassle or expense of travel!

Subscriptions for membership dues are only $99 per month…so what are you waiting for? Become a part of the Brotherhood today!