Doc and the Street Beast at EFI University

James “Doc” Love from Discovery’s Street Outlaws TV show was recently at EFI University completing his transition from Carbs to Haltech powered EFI. Watch as the Street Beast makes it’s way to a 1700+ HP dyno pull on only 2 of the 4 kits of Nitrous Express spray. Doc drove 1100 miles to EFI University…

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Stand Alone versus Re-Flash

At EFI University, we often find ourselves trying to help folks understand the differences between racecars and OEM vehicles that have been modified for more performance.  The discussion often boils down the similarities and differences between the skills required to accomplish either job. A lot of self proclaimed tuning experts on the internet today have…

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Problem Solving

The other day a friend of mine came to me asking about what I thought he should do with his performance boat that was having trouble with.  He said it was “sputtering” and “missing” and that he was going to change his fuel filter. My first question to him was “Does it do this at…

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