Advanced Turbo Concepts

Advanced Turbo Concepts is a class focusing on live testing on a Mainline/Dynolog Engine dyno.

This class begins with a general overview of the basic functions and theory involved in turbochargers, and progresses rapidly into even more complex subjects that are correlated to actual data that is collected during the class.

We’ll run the engine on the dyno with several different boost configurations and see the engine’s output and airflow values within each change!

We’ll learn how to evaluate Turbocharger performance for a given engine configuration and then learn how to calculate things like Brake Specific Air Consumption, Mass Air Flow, Air Density, Volumetric Efficiency, and other engine and turbo system related parameters based on actual data collected as we plot it on each individual compressor map!

When you take the Advanced Turbo Concepts Course you will learn the answers to these important questions…

  • How do I choose the correct Turbo for my engine?
  • What things make one compressor better suited for my engine than another?
  • How does Turbo Speed effect compressor performance and “boost”?
  • How to create an engine mapping strategy that doesn’t require retuning after turbine changes.
  • How Exhaust Back Pressure effects fuel flow and Horsepower and why you NEED to measure it!
  • How compressor “Trim” effects airflow and performance
  • Learn the truth about what “surge” is and what happens to the turbo during this condition!
  • See the effects of A/R sizing of a turbine housing and how it effects shaft speed in the turbo.
  • Separate Truth from Fiction about Billet Compressor Wheels!
  • … and so much more

This class is very well suited to anyone who is interested in learning the technical side of Turbocharging. The class will give you in-depth technical information and skills to start on your way to building and safely tuning your own Turbo systems.

Typically racers, tuners, students, mechanics, and general performance enthusiasts will enjoy the benefits of attending an Advanced Turbo Concepts Class.

While there isn’t a pre-requisite to attend the course, it is STRONGLY recommended that you have previously attended a minimum of the EFI-101 course!

What’s included?

  • Understanding turbochargers and different types of compressors
  • Learn what it really means to “map” a Turbocharger
  • Learn how boost controllers work
  • Learn how to ensure your using the correct turbo for your engine demand
  • Understand how to pick the correct turbo the first time
  • Understand what boost is doing to the engine
  • Earn a certificate of completion after the course to hang on your wall!