Valvetrain Collection

We’ve assembled a terrific cross section of videos straight out of our Delta Lambda Training Section and compiled them here for you!

What’s included?

    • Learn about using various cam bearing journal sizes to maximize performance
    • Learn to interpret and understand the real meaning of the data on a cam card
    • Learn how valve springs are designed and manufactured for a given application
    • Learn about different types of lifters and their wheels used in various race engine designs
    • Learn how to measure and use your Total System Stiffness values
    • Find out the proper techniques for setting lash and maintaining vale spring life
    • Learn ways to reduce Valve Mass and improve system stability
    • See the inside of the Sorceress 5000 HP ProMod Valvetrain
    • Learn about Variable Valve Timing and the mechanisms used to accomplish it

Watch them in any order with no particular sequence required, and re-watch them as often as you’d like!

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