Great Electronic Fuel Injection Links


    • AEM
      AEM is dedicated to the research and development, design and manufacturing of the highest-quality performance products for the sport compact car, large car, truck and SUV market.
    • Autronic
      Autronic, an Australian based company, produces two engine management models, the SMC and SM2 and replacement boards for Subaru WRX and Mitsubishi EVO cars. The engine management systems are well respected for there reliability and resistance to interference from other engine components.
    • DIYAutoTune / MegaSquirt EFI 
      DIYAutoTune manufactures the MegaSquirt-3 Pro and MegaSquirtPNP high end standalone engine management systems offering a huge featureset and excellent functionality at a modest price point making these some of the biggest bang for the buck systems available anywhere.  Additionally they offer legacy ‘hardcore DIY’ MegaSquirt kits that allow users to build an ECU from scratch if you’d like!
    • EFILive
      EFILive’s Tuning Tool is a full-featured, PCM tuning and reprogramming solution designed exclusively for GM’s LS1 and LS6 electronic engine management systems.
    • EFI Technology
      EFI Technology produces products for all forms of racing including Indy cars, sportscars, GT, dragsters, motorcycles, offshore powerboats, desert trucks, rally and touring cars.
    • Electromotive
      Electromotive, Inc. developed The TEC to offer customers Total Engine Control. The TEC combines direct ignition with innovative fuel control to bring you the most comprehensive engine management hardare and software available.
    • EMS
      EMS, an Australian company has designed their engine management systems to be universally adaptable for most types of engines from single cylinder up to 16 cylinders. Their systems can control throttle body, multi-point or staged injection, distributor or direct ignition, naturally aspirated or turbo & supercharged engines.
    • F.A.S.T.
      Fuel Air Spark Technology™ provides high performance electronic fuel injection systems and components for racing applications.
    • Haltech
      Haltech developed the world’s first real time PC programmable engine management system i.e. programmable with the engine running ECU.
    • Holley
      Holley’s long-standing commitment to motorsports extends to the NASCAR, NHRA, and IHRA circuits. With the Commander 950™, performance enthusiasts can control engine functions such as fuel delivery, spark timing, boost compensation, fuel pump, cooling fan, idle quality and more.
    • Hondata
      Hondata is the world’s leading company for Honda tuning software. Available with over 40 base maps (supplied with ROM Editor) for a wide variety of engines.
    • Innovate
      Innovate Motorsports develops, manufactures, and markets professional-quality digital tuning and data acquisition tools at grassroots prices.
    • MoTeC
      MoTeC is an Australian company specialising in the design and development of world class Engine Management Systems. Since 1987, MoTeC has continually refined its products to the point where they now offer world class standards of quality, flexibility, functionality and power.
    • MotoTron
      MotoTron develops seamlessly blended mechanical and electrical systems for powertrain and vehicle manufacturers in a variety of industries: high-performance/racing, agriculture, recreation, industrial and heavy vehicle.
    • Simple Digital Systems
      Simple Digital Systems EM-4 is the most affordable, easiest to install fuel injection system on the market today. SDS does not require a laptop to program!