Fundamentals of High Performance Engine Tuning
Using FAST XFI Tuning Software

FAST XFI requires extensive knowledge of all parameters used in setting the sensor selections and calibrations, as well as the theory’s used in actually tuning the engines.

Our new FAST XFI class consists of 1 day and focuses mainly on classroom discussions dealing with properly setting up a FAST XFI ECU using the latest FAST XFI software. This class is geared towards the FAST XFI ECU but most menus and calibrations will also apply to the Classic FAST ECU as well. If you are a FAST Classic user, you will also benifit from this class

The FAST XFI class is open to end users, dealers and resellers, new or experienced with the FAST XFI software

By EFI University partnering with FAST, we have ensured that you will understand what is needed to tune & set up a FAST XFI system.

This class begins with a general overview of the basic functions and theory involved in controlling an engine using FAST electronic fuel injection.

An In depth discussions about each sensor and actuator used, and their functions are held throughout the session with emphasis on interaction between students and instructors to ensure that everyone understands each concept before progressing to the next.

Special emphasis is placed on properly tuning & setting up calibrations for each table and sensor used in your FAST system.

Each student will recieve a 100+ page FAST XFI textbook to keep for reference when they leave, as well as a certificate of completion of the course to display in their shop at home!

In addition to the above, each student will get a FAST gift bag, plus FAST will be giving away the following items as door prizes at every event!

A/F MeterA/F Meter A/F GuageA/F GuageFAST CapFAST Baseball Cap


EFI University an authorized Partner with FAST