EFI 101

Fundamentals of High Performance Engine Tuning
Using Aftermarket Electronic Fuel Injection

The most highly attended class we offer is called EFI 101.

EFI 101 is a 2-day class and focuses mainly on classroom discussions with a general overview of the basic functions and theory involved in controlling an engine using electronic fuel injection.

In depth discussions about each sensor and actuator used, and their functions are held throughout the session with emphasis on interaction between students and instructors to ensure that everyone understands each concept before progressing to the next.

Once the entire EFI system and its components have been discussed, the class moves into discussions on the basic concepts of how the engine operates and the methods used to actually tune the calibration. Specific attention is paid to understanding how the process of computing the correct engine control is accomplished and the common methods of progression through the tuning process from beginning to end.

After a brief discussion on construction practices used in building a custom EFI system which includes wiring tips and fuel system sizing to match the engine requirements, a demonstration of tuning will be provided by the instructor to really bring home the concepts discussed in the classroom environment.

If you’re still not convinced that this class has all the components of successful EFI tuning, then check out the full EFI-101 Course Outline. Everything to be discussed is shown in this outline.

When you take the EFI-101 Course you will learn the answers to these important questions…

  • How can I tell exactly how much Ignition Advance my engine wants at every RPM or Load?
  • How can I tune ANY type of engine to its maximum potential without the fear of damaging it EVERY TIME, even if I have no experience with that particular combination?
  • Why do Some engines want Rich A/F ratios and others want Lean ones?
  • How can I tell if my engine has the proper A/F ratio for any given RPM or LOAD?
  • What is the right procedure for tuning my engine from scratch….Ignition first, then fuel, or Fuel first, then Ignition?
  • How do Air and Coolant temperatures affect my tuning strategy?
  • … and many more

Who Should Attend?

This class is very well suited to anyone who is interested in learning about electronic fuel injection from the ground up. The class will give you all the information and basic skills to start on your way to building and safely tuning your own EFI systems.

Typically racers, younger tuners, students, mechanics, and general performance enthusiasts will enjoy the benefits of attending an EFI 101 Class. The class is very important for anyone who wishes to begin tuning engines using electronic fuel injection whether they are completely new or a seasoned tuner using outdated equipment like carburetors and distributors.

What else do you get?
When you register and attend the EFI-101 class, you’ll also receive…

  • The EFI-101 Course Workbook – Almost 100 pages of reliable EFI Tuning information that you can reference later.
  • EFI-101 Certificate of Completion – Signed and ready to frame.
  • Exclusive Access to the Student Forums – Access to professional advice on any technical EFI issues.

Registration Information
Early Registration Discounts Available. This Class is held Nationwide so check the schedule for an EFI-101 class near you.

Limit of 20 Students Per Class

Tuition: $595.00USD

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