Dyno Tuning Workshop “DTW”

The Dyno Tuning Workshop is designed to help novice and moderately experienced tuners gain the essential knowledge and hands-on experience to move to the next level of tuning.*This is a hands-on practical application lab exercise putting into practice everything you learned in either the EFI-101 class or both of our online courses, Intro to EFI and Advanced EFI Tuning Concepts*

*If you already own a dyno, it is highly suggested you take the hands-on EFI-101 class in order to take advantage of the highly technical nature and in-depth tuning discussions, rather than just attend this workshop. Even if you’ve been tuning for several years, this will help you investigate the logic behind why we tune the way we do. There are rich discussions about Ignition tuning, Fuel tuning, and lots of math as applied to the actual injection time as calculated by the ECU. Examples from real-world testing with various dynos, engine types and experimentation with real-time in-cylinder pressure analysis are used throughout the EFI-101 class.*

Students who have completed the hands-on EFI-101 class or both of our online courses, Intro to EFI and Advanced EFI Tuning Concepts, and wish to progress further and build upon their newly acquired skills are eligible to enroll in the Advanced Dyno Tuning Workshop to experience one-on-one coaching while tuning an engine in real time.

This class is taught in small groups of 6 people or less at a dynamometer facility, using an actual performance vehicle and allows students the chance to gain practical experience in Dyno operation, vehicle care on the dyno, and fine-tuning an engine using electronic fuel injection.

Future EFI tuners and technicians need to understand that a large percentage of tuning an engine correctly, depends on his or her ability to grasp the fundamental theories taught in our hands-on and online classes and then put them into practice in real world scenarios.

Because this can be intimidating and sometimes overwhelming, we have broken our workshop up into modules that can be easily mastered one at a time, and then added together to build professional tuning skills in a progressive, controlled environment that promotes safety for both the tuner and the engine.

Students Progress in the following manner:

MODULE 1: EFI Troubleshooting, Diagnostics and Safety Fundamentals

  • Safely installing the car on a dyno
  • Proper selection and use of diagnostic tools
  • Evaluating results using the EFI-101 “Thought Process”

MODULE 2: Driving a car on an actual Dyno

Operating a vehicle on a dyno requires an entirely different set of skills than on the street. Students will learn proper car control and safety techniques while under direct supervision of an instructor. Learning in this manner allows the pressures of tuning to be avoided while students concentrate on safe and accurate car control.

MODULE 3: Operating a Dyno to Vary Engine Load

Here students learn various techniques used in mapping an engine calibration by getting hands-on practice in dyno control techniques. Each student will be tasked by the instructor to use the dyno to reach various load cells within the existing calibration while the instructor operates the vehicle. This allows students to gain confidence in dyno operation without the added stress of vehicle safety concerns.

MODULE 4: Real-Time Laptop Calibration

In this section students are given the task of actually calibrating an engine using a laptop while the instructor operates the vehicle and the dyno to maintain a specific site within the calibration map. Instructors will give students certain goals and criteria to meet while tuning in real time.

MODULE 5: Vehicle & Dyno Operation

This module teaches students to pair skills together by being tasked with both operating the vehicle and the dyno load control simultaneously. It allows students to build confidence and skills without the added pressure of making mistakes and causing engine damage. During this stage, the instructor guides the student and gives them specific goals to meet during the exercise.

MODULE 6: Vehicle Operation & Live Tuning

In this section the instructor takes control of the dyno load and allows the student to operate the vehicle while performing live tuning tasks with the laptop. Under direct supervision of their individual instructor, students are given tuning objectives to meet while the instructor gives guidance and suggestions for improving skills and efficiency.

MODULE 7: Full Control

Up until this point in the workshop, students have been given plenty of leeway to practice without fear of making mistakes because during each module the instructor had some level of control over prevailing circumstances. In the final training module, students take complete control of all aspects of operating and tuning the vehicle on the dyno. The instructor will give each student a set of criteria to meet and students work at their own pace on the dyno to accomplish their objective while under the instructor’s supervision.

MODULE 8: Performance Evaluation

In the final section of the EFI Advanced Dyno Tuning Workshop students and instructors will discuss the thought process of tuning engines and will concentrate specifically on evaluating the performance of certain changes made to a calibration. Specific examples will be experimented with by using the “Trial” method on the dyno. Students will make changes and evaluate the before and after results in order to determine the next change to be made

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Limit of 6 Students Per Class

Tuition: $1395.00USD

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