Diesel Tuning 101

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EFI University will be offering the Diesel Tuning 101 as a DVD course! Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn Diesel tuning with real professionals! This course will cover general principles of tuning a modern, common-rail diesel EFI engine. As a part of the course, we will be using a 2007i GMC DURAMAX LMM diesel truck!

  • Learn the Science of Diesel Tuning
  • DVD Based Education
  • Learn from the Professionals!
  • See actual tuning of DURAMAX Diesel at Edge Performance!
  • Learn in the comfort of your home or office!

Course Information

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Who Should Purchase this Course?
While this class will be using the DURAMAX diesel powerplant for demonstration, this course is very well suited to anyone who is interested in learning about tuning modern, common-rail diesel EFI engines. The class will give you all the information and basic skills to start on your way to building and safely tuning your own diesel systems.

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