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Our Team

Ben StraderFounder 

As the founder of EFI University, Ben Strader manages the class curriculums  and generates new class content for the school. He is a specialist in the theory and operation of the internal combustion engine and its related systems specializing in electronic engine management. Ben has over 18 years of experience building and calibrating EFI systems and has even published the book “How to Build and Tune Custom EFI Systems” for CarTech. He has worked in many different levels and disciplines of automotive racing most recently with NHRA Pro Stock teams assisting with their transistion from carbs to EFI. With a highly analytical mind and unrivaled determination, Ben enjoys searching for solutions for even the most challenging obstacles. He’s also an avid skydiver with over 700 jumps, holds an Airline Transport Pilot license for single and multi-engine airplanes, is an FAA Certified Flight Instructor and has thousands of hours of flight experience. Ben is always up for any kind of adventure when he is away from work weather it includes land, sea, or air!


Chris Wright – Instructor

Chris is a degreed Electrical Engineer from the University of Akron and Vice President of Pro Car Associates, Inc. which provides complete engine systems and solutions. He brings several years of hands-on technical experience to the team. Chris grew up working in the family business of engine development and building race cars while also working for people like the legendary chassis builder Tom Smith (Wolverine Chassis Specialties, Wayne, MI). After graduating from the University of Akron, Chris worked in the field of Automation and Motion Control. This experience provided the foundation for understanding vehicle powertrain control system theory. Now With several years experience in EFI tuning and competitive drag racing in the IHRA, NHRA, PDRA, etc… Chris continues on the quest for more knowledge. He lives by a few simple sayings. “You get out of something what you put into it” and “what ever you do in life, be the best at what you do”. When not working, Chris likes to spend his time drag racing and working on special engine projects with his father.


Chris Harris – Instructorchris_harris

Chris is a self-taught (and EFI University educated) Honda/Acura specialist that came up through the grassroots development of “hacking” or reverse engineering the stock Honda ECUs. He loved exploring how the engine is controlled by the ECU and ended up “Tuning” as a hobby Then as demand for his calibration services grew, it turned into his full time business Xenocron Tuning Solutions, which is a true success story. Since taking his first EFI-101 class back in 2003, Chris has lost count on how many cars he has tuned. He has spent thousands of hours on several chassis dyno’s and another lifetime tuning at the track for customers, friends and himself. A lot of his focus over the years has been on teaching and educating others on the joys of tuning while sharing information with the internet masses on how to get the most out of their own setups or getting into tuning as a profession. So the natural course was to join with EFI University and broaden his ability to teach and help others (while keeping it fun).


Harvey Epstein – Instructor13938566_1053839164685824_8360149805898345840_n

Harvey is another EFI University graduate turned instructor and also owns his own calibration shop The Boost Creep LTD which is “famous” in the Subaru market. Harvey is the “happiest tuner you’ll ever meet” and his excitement is contagious whether on the dyno or in the classroom. He’s our go to guy for all things COBB Tuning and is a great asset to our team. When you ask him what his favorite things are, he’ll tell you teaching and tuning.