EFI University Engine Tuner’s Certification Program

At EFI University, you can learn the skills needed to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive high performance tuning field. However, until now, there has been no way to truly distinguish yourself or your shop from the rest.

When you look at any service oriented business such as Doctors, Lawyers, Plumbers, or even Auto Mechanics, there is always some governing body which serves the public by ensuring that someone who wishes to practice in the field is qualified to do so. There is always a logical process of education and clearly defined steps toward becomming certified in that field.

That holds true for every industry except the high performance engine tuning industry!

No experience necessary, no prior knowledge…just buy a dyno, do some searching on the internet, or read a few books on tuning and suddenly “POOF” another tuner open for business!

At EFI University we feel that this is a very unfair situation for the consumers in the industry who require the services of a professional tuner to help them with their engine.

  • How will an average consumer be able to decide which shop to use?
  • How will a customer know if a dyno shop is qualified to tune his engine or if his engine will be the “guinea pig” for the tuner to cut his or her teeth on?
  • What method of comparison is there for evaluating differnt facilities and their competency?
  • Why should you take your very expensive engine to an unknown “Professional Tuner” without knowing thier credentials?

To help solve these problems, we have developed a program to help shop owners increase their credibility by obtaining certification through EFI University.

Our program provides a logical, step by step process for becomming certifed to tune any high performance engine using Electronic Fuel Injection!

We have modeled our certification program around the ASE Certification Program for automotive mechanics.

In our program students must proceed through a set of classes beginning with the basics, and advancing through more “Hands-on” training before going off to accumulate experience in the field and gaining practical knowledge while learning through real life circumstances. During that time, the students will record their experience in their personal EFI University Log Book before they can qualify to take a Written Exam.

There are TWO Methods to Obtain Certification:

Once students have completed all of the requirements for becomming a Certified Engine Tuner, we will send them a “Frame Quality” certificate for display in their shop.

From that point on the shop will have clear evidence that they are qualified to tune a customer’s car and can set themselves apart from another facility that simply owns a dyno!

Having the Official EFI University High Performance Tuner’s Certification also qualifies the student for discounts available on future advanced level classes!

In order to keep up with the ever changing technology we will be constantly adding additional advanced level courses to deal with each application separately!

Plans are in place to build add-on modules which can be taken individually for subjects such as:

  • Advanced Tuning for cold start,warm-up and idle control
  • Plasma Ignition Systems and Ion Sensing Knock detection
  • In-Cylinder Pressure Analysis
  • Understanding Compensation Tables
  • Electronic Sensor testing and Calibration for ECU setup