Advanced EFI Tuning Concepts

This course is aimed at the EFI tuner who already knows the basics but wants a deeper understanding of how things actually happen inside their ECU.

You’ll uncover the math and science behind “why” things happen the way they do.

Understanding the logic an ECU follows is an integral part of getting a solid tune up in your engine, every time. To do this, we’ll explore each step the ECU goes through to calculate how long to pulse an injector to achieve the perfect quantity of fuel.

You’ll also learn tricks for selecting the correct Air/Fuel Ratio every time, and see a proven method of nailing the ignition values for any engine type on the first try!

After all the theoretical discussions, you’ll follow along during a real dyno tuning session to see it all happen in real-time!

Whether you have some experience already tuning or you are a seasoned professional, there are still lots of tricks and secrets to learn from this video!

What’s included?

  • Calculate airflow and measure VE for any engine
  • Understand how altitude and air density affect performance
  • Build automatic correction tables to fix problems so you don’t need to
  • Learn to pick the right Air/Fuel ratios every time, for any engine type
  • Never guess about ignition advance again
  • Understand how people can “cheat” a dyno and how to avoid that
  • Earn a certificate of completion after the course to hang on your wall!